Ethiopia building transport hub using its airline and expansive road network

Ethiopia, with its outstanding airlines, Ethiopian, Ethio-Djibouti railroad and other trans-boundary roads, is becoming transport hub of Africa.

Being home to various international and regional organizations, the country has positioned itself as a strategic destination [point] in the map of world transportation service.

And the Ethiopian is also aspiring to be the leading airlines in the world through interconnecting Africa with the rest of the world. The country is mentioned in the top list with credible and preferable air transportation services as well.

Currently, Ethiopian’s worldwide destinations have grown to over 100 strategic countries to all the five continents on the globe, and more than 50 destinations locally. Apart from this, the airline builds credibility through winning glorious awards.

The government has also been investing vastly in the sector, the transport sector has been growing to the extent it can efficiently support the growing economy of the nation.

The contribution of the transport sector in supporting the intended developmental endeavor of the nation is irreplaceable. This is witnessed as the sector has played considerable roles for the double digit economic growth of the country that has been registered in the last two decades.

Cognizant of its significance, the Ethiopian government has been working tirelessly to transform the sector into a new position. Thus, road, railways and airlines transportation service is facilitating country’s economic growth keeping safety and sustainability of the sector.

Only in 2016/17, 17 new asphalt roads projects [20,633.6 kms] has been constructed at a cost of 14 billion Birr, Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) Communications Director Samson Wondimu told The Ethiopian Herald.

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