Living Trust, Veritas Kapital, Sovereign Trust top stocks to watch this week

Living Trust, Veritas Kapital, Sovereign Trust top stocks to watch this week

Top stocks to watch this week At last, the earnings season is here, heralded by the issuing of Living Trust Mortgage Bank’s full year 2021 financial report on Friday.

The impressive performance of the lender is expected to lift the spirit of investors this week as the market awaits more results.

Before making investment decisions, the key fundamentals fund managers and other investors will be watching out for at this time will be companies announcing higher dividends, higher profits and revenues, bonus/scrip issues and firms recording improvement in dividend yield.

PREMIUM TIMES has assembled a number of stocks with fundamentals and other potential, adopting key analytical approaches to save you the hassle of randomly picking equities for investment.

The selection, a product of analytical market watch, offers a guide to entering the market and taking strategic positions in hopes that equities will gain value with the passage of time, particularly in the short term.

This is not a buy, sell or hold recommendation. You may have to involve your financial advisor before taking investment decisions. LIVING TRUST MORTGAGE BANK

Living Trust tops the list on the basis of its strong earnings performance for full year 2021, which saw profit surge 347 per cent to N676.6 million and revenue by 149 per cent to N1.6 billion. VERITAS KAPITAL ASSURANCE

Veritas Kapital makes the pick for trading close to its lowest price in 52 weeks, creating a good entry point for investors positioning for price appreciation. Its opening price on Monday is N0.21 per share, with a price-to-earnings (PE) ratio of 2.90x and earnings per share (EPS) of N0.07. SOVEREIGN TRUST INSURANCE

Sovereign Trust features on the list for trading well below its actual value. It’s opening price on Monday is N0.24 per unit, with a PE ratio of 0.40x and EPS of N0.60. OANDO

Oando appears on the pick on account of currently trading below its intrinsic value. The oil driller’s EPS stands at N2.32, with a PE ratio of 2.05x at an opening price of N4.77. MEYER

Meyer makes the selection for trading below its actual value, implying it stands a good chance of price appreciation in the futureIts opening price is N0.55, with EPS of N2.48 per unit and PE ratio of 0.22x.

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