Union Bank Edges Past Unity Bank As Second Least Volatile In Sector

Union Bank Edges Past Unity Bank As Second Least Volatile In Sector

Union Bank fought a hard race on the volatility ranking last week, vaulting to second place behind Wema Bank the traditional leader of the volatility table.

To emerge the second least volatile banking stock on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), Union Bank had volatility of 0.8128 while the leader, Wema Bank had a volatility raking of 0.7444.

Unity Bank, which hitherto was the second least volatile, settled in third place with volatility of 0.8654.

Meanwhile, the traditional banks with the highest volatility retained their spots with one difference, which is that FCMB had jumped one pace over Fidelity Bank. This is the first time; FCMB would leave the 12th position to the 1th since one year ago.

So, Diamond Bank, UBA and Fidelity Bank figured as the most volatile. At number 14, Diamond bank had volatility of 1.8688 while UBA came 13th with volatility of .675. The new entrant to the list of the most volatile, Fidelity Bank had volatility of 1.3494 and a rank of 12th.

# Beta is a measure of the volatility, or systematic risk, of a security or a portfolio in comparison to the market as a whole-Investopedia

Risk wary investors may want to put their money in less risky stocks while investors with a high risk tolerance may want to invest in the riskier stocks or stocks with high betas.

Industry Analysis

11/2/2019 beta Ranking

WEMA Bank 0.7444 1

Union Bank 0.8128 2Unity Bank 0.8654 3GT Bank 1.0028 4STANBIC IBTC 1.02 5Zenith Bank 1.0496 6Sterling Bank 1.07 7Access Bank 1.0941 8ECO Bank Transnational 1.1797 9First Bank 1.335 10FCMB 1.3372 11Fidelity Bank 1.3494 12UBA 1.675 13Diamond Bank 1.8688 14 12/2/2019 beta Ranking WEMA Bank 0.744 1Union Bank 0.8099 2Unity Bank 0.8629 3GT Bank 1.0069 4STANBIC IBTC 1.0204 5Zenith Bank 1.0496 6Sterling Bank 1.0649 7Access Bank 1.0914 8ECO Bank Transnational 1.18 9First Bank 1.3336 10Fidelity Bank 1.3491 11FCMB 1.626 12UBA 1.6725 13Diamond Bank 1.8664 14 13/2/2019 beta Ranking WEMA Bank 0.7436 1Unity Bank 0.8093 2Union Bank 0.8093 3GT Bank 1.0047 4STANBIC IBTC 1.0188 5Zenith Bank 1.05 6Sterling Bank 1.0637 7Access Bank 1.0922 8ECO Bank Transnational 1.1784 9First Bank 1.3363 10Fidelity Bank 1.3488 11FCMB 1.6288 12UBA 1.672 13Diamond Bank 1.8652 14 14/2/2019 beta Ranking WEMA Bank 0.7447 1Union Bank 0.8109 2Unity Bank 0.8614 3GT Bank 1.0045 4STANBIC IBTC 1.0195 5Zenith Bank 1.0473 6Sterling Bank 1.0638 7Access Bank 1.0949 8ECO Bank Transnational 1.1801 9First Bank 1.334 10Fidelity Bank 1.3492 11FCMB 1.6273 12UBA 1.6723 13Diamond […]

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