Start owning the companies that pay the best dividends  on the NSE Kenya today?

Investing is your money making money, and when you invest in a company on the Nairobi Stock Exchange. One great way to make that money is through dividends, dividends are hard cash returns not promised ones like share price growth!

If a company does not pay dividends, it is not giving you a regular return on your investment. Is your money really working for you then?!

Here is your chance, to know the best dividend payers on the NSE and invest them.

This is how you do it;

First thing get a broker, without them you can't buy a company on the NSE/

 All of this can be done online in 20 mins if you Kenya National ID, or a day or two if not.

List of brokers in Kenya

Now the fun part, choosing the dividend paying companies you want to buy

At MONEYINAFRICA, we focus our research and analysis on the Nairobi Stocks Exchange (NSE) to make you life easy when you are finding the companies that will make your money work for you. 

It is time for you to decide what dividend paying  company you want to own. 

We have looked at the different dividend yields, dividend cover and payout, to determine the best dividend paying companies on the NSE Kenya - choose the one you want.

For each company there is some easy-to-understand analysis to make your due diligence quick but comprehensive. 

Happy Investing!

Kapchorua Tea Company Limited grows tea in Kenya and manufactures and sells tea products under the brand name Williamson Tea. The company also has interests in forestry.

  • ★ Current Dividend Yield: 10.24%
  • ★ Dividend Cover Ratio: 2.74
  • ★ Dividend Payout Ratio: 36.55%
  • ★ Trailing Dividend Yield: 11.3%
Latest Price: 233.50

Crown Paints (Kenya) Limited manufactures and sells a range of paints and adhesives for the home decor, construction and industrial sectors. The company supplies markets in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Somali, South Sudan and the DRC.

  • ★ Current Dividend Yield: 10.62%
  • ★ Dividend Cover Ratio: 1.71
  • ★ Dividend Payout Ratio: 58.4%
  • ★ Trailing Dividend Yield: 11.77%
Latest Price: 38.90


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