Do you want to buy NSE Kenya companies on the cheap and make a lot of profit as they grow?

Here is your chance, at least to own a piece of them. By buying shares in the most under-valued companies you will be able to buy them low and have a chance to sell them high - and that profit will end up in your pocket.

First thing have you got a broker, without them you can't buy a company on the NSE.

 All of this can be done online in 20 mins if you Kenya National ID, or a day or two if not.

List of brokers in Kenya

Now the fun part, finding the cheap shares

At MONEYINAFRICA, we focus our research and analysis on the Nairobi Stocks Exchange (NSE) to make you life easy when you are finding the companies that will make your money work for you. 

It is time for you to decide what cheap valuable company you want to own. 

We have looked at the multiple ways of valuing a company to determine which ones are not currently selling at their best value - choose the one you want.

For each company there is some easy-to-understand analysis to make your due diligence quick but comprehensive. 

Happy Investing!

Stanbic Holdings Plc is a financial service, insurance agency and stock broking company in Kenya offering products and services to the personal, commercial, corporate and investment banking sectors. The company also has division servicing clients in the Republic of South Sudan.

  • ★ Intrinsic Price: 196.43
  • ★ Fair Price: 242.47
  • ★ Comparison Price: 80.3
  • ★ Book Price: 150.63
  • ★ Takeover Price: 909.48
Latest Price: 104.00 0.97%

Umeme Limited is a power utility company managing the distribution of electricity, electricity supply and after-sales service in Uganda and power sharing with Africa sub-regions. Its electricity distribution division manages the operation, maintenance, upgrading and expansion of the distribution network in Uganda.

  • ★ Intrinsic Price: 60.95
  • ★ Fair Price: 31.82
  • ★ Comparison Price: 7.82
  • ★ Book Price: 15.84
  • ★ Takeover Price: 34.38
Latest Price: 7.88 -0.25%


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