KQ launch ‘flying taxis’ in Nairobi

Kenya Airways (KQ), through its subsidiary Fahari Aviation, is set to introduce flying taxis in Nairobi.

The agreement with Fahari Aviation, the unmanned aircraft division of KQ, aims to design a network for the safe operation of Electric Vertical Aircraft (EVA).

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer SA announced its flying taxi unit Eve had signed an agreement with Fahari Aviation to develop operating models in its key markets.

A news release from Embraer indicated that traveling from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) to Nairobi CBD by EVA could reduce travel time from over an hour to six minutes.

“The creation of disruptive and accessible solutions in urban air mobility will help democratize movement,” Andre Stein, president, and CEO of EVA, said in a statement. We are pleased to partner with @EveAirMobility – through our subsidiary #FahariAviation – on the future of #AdvancedAirMobility . Read the full story here: https://t.co/6AaDgJdwxT . To learn more about Fahari Aviation, visit https://t.co/eXtBzIyqSx #UAVTechnology pic.twitter.com/yxQ6ScwwqJ — Kenya Airways (@KenyaAirways) August 11, 2021 The aim of the agreement is also to introduce zero-emission electric planes called EVA in the transport sector.

Andre Stein, CEO of Embraer’s Urban Air Mobility Solutions unit, stressed that the introduction of flying taxis would provide an alternative mode of transportation for passengers pressed for time.

“Creating disruptive and accessible solutions for urban air mobility will help democratize the movement,” said Stein.

EVA planes incorporate advanced technology and are mainly used for private and public mobility.

The aircraft is equipped with engines guaranteed for a million flight kilometers.

It has 26 fully electric propellers of different sizes, larger propellers as well as smaller propellers that are under the wing.

EVAs carry two passengers or a load of 250 kilograms at 400 kilometers per hour with a range of 250 kilometers.In addition, the aircraft is completely autonomous – it does not require any intervention by a human pilot as it flies under the control of automatic systems such as Radar, Lidar and 12 camera sensors.The seats are also equipped with parachutes in the event of a problem encountered during the flight.

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