Standard Investment Bank: One of Kenya’s Foremost Financial Services Firm

Job Kihumba, Executive Director at Standard Investment Bank (SIB) Interview with Job Kihumba, Executive Director at Standard Investment Bank (SIB)

What fields do you cover?

Standard Investment Bank was founded in 1995. We have been active for the last 25 years. SIB was founded to provide trading in listed securities, largely equities and bonds. Over the years, it has steadily changed into an investment bank. We received our investment banking license in 2006. After that, we gradually began to diversify into other products. Today, we have a number of products that are available to the market cutting across the investment banking field, including IPOs which unfortunately we have not had in Kenya in many years. The last IPO in Kenya was the listing of the Nairobi Securities Exchange itself on its own exchange in 2014. SIB was the lead transaction advisor. In the area of IPOs and other types of public offers, SIB has had the biggest share of the market. We also do corporate mergers and acquisitions. The latest was the acquisition of the National Bank of Kenya by Kenya Commercial Bank . We had a big role as transaction advisor and we were also able to give an independent opinion on pricing and other fundamental issues. We have been involved in privatizations for many years. Although, the privatization projects in the last 10 years have not been very successful. We have the only concluded privatization program in Kenya after the Privatization Act of 2005 which came into implementation in 2008. We were involved in the very first transactions. Kenya Wine Agencies was acquired by a South African wine company. Currently, we are involved in four privatization programs. Some have been around for a long time as the government does not always move quickly on these things. We have also been involved in looking for finance for people who are looking for capital to invest in companies outside the public domain which would be in the private placement, private equity, etc. We have a license to do money management that we received late last year. This is now in the public domain. We are fairly well diversified in terms of what we can be able to do for our clients across the board. We consider ourselves a leading investment bank. Interestingly, the very foundation of Standard Investment Bank was based on trading securities that were listed on […]

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