Adansiman progressive association, Obuasi residents to demonstrate against Anglogold Ashanti Obuasi mine

Adansiman progressive association, Obuasi residents to demonstrate against Anglogold Ashanti Obuasi mine

Obuasi mines Adansiman Progressive Association (APA) is a registered Social Pressure Group based in Obuasi.

Its core vision is to work towards the Unity of the Adansi People so that with a common purpose, they could bring Development and Progress to all parts of Adansiman.

It serves as the mouth-piece of the Adansi People and aims at Protecting and Defending the Natural Resources endowed to Adansiman.

Promotion of activities that create employment to the People especially the Youth is one of their priorities.

The Adansiman Progressive Association (APA) has indicated their intention to lead the People of Obuasi to demonstrate against the AngloGold Ashanti (AGA)Obuasi Mine in Obuasi on Tuesday 1st March, 2022.

Their reasons are threefold: First, that AngloGold Ashanti must support the Association to plant trees to protect the Jimi River which flow into the Jimi Dam which AGA has built for their operations.

They explained that the Jimi River is now the only reliable source of water supply to Obuasi township and its adjoining communities.

However, the River is being destroyed by illegal activities such as mining, felling of trees. Burning, farming and others exposing the River to direct sunshine.

With the aim of protecting the River, the Association teamed up with the Police and Mineral Commission to embark on periodic patrols along the banks of the River.

They also wrote a request to the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources to grant them permission to plant trees along the banks of the River to protect it and restore the River to its original state.

The Hon. Minister granted their request and advised them to involve all Stakeholders including Governmental and non-Governmental agencies in the catchment area to assist Financially and Logistically.The Association sent a request for Support to AGA where the Senior Sustainability Manager Mr. Emmanuel Baidoo indicated that he had already received an e-mail from his Managing Director about the Tree Planting Project.Mr. Baidoo advised the Association to submit a Proposal on the Project to him for the necessary action. The Association complied and submitted the Proposal in July 2021. Since then the Executive of the Association has been making follow-ups but no response from AGA.In the view of the Association, AGA does not care whether the Jimi River dries up or not. The Association has so far planted over 3000 seedlings provided by Bekwai Forestry. These Seedlings need to be nurtured and maintained.The argument is that since it is the Jimi River which […]

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