Agripower Introduces drone Crop spraying technology

File photo An Agriculture driven company with the sole aim of reconciling ecological organic farming with economic efficiency, Agripower Limited, has introduced the use of Drone technology in crop spraying to enhance productivity of farmers and reduce the dependance on manpower to fertilize crops.

According to Agripower, for centuries, crop spraying has been an arduous and burdensome endeavor for farmers and agricultural production companies. Crop spraying involves covering extremely large expanses of land comprehensively to ensure proper growth of crops.

Drone technology according to Agripower, is a much safer alternative, incorporating ultrasonic, light detection and grounding lasers that offer immense relief to farmers via precision crop spraying that is five times faster than traditional crop spraying.

Managing Director of the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB), John Kofi Mensah, speaking on the side lines of the just ended farmers day celebration call on farmers to embrace the drone technology introduced by Agripower to enhance their productivity.

“The way we are moving, we have to do technology based Agriculture. So that is the new area we are entering as ADB and therefore we are encouraging the business people in Agrobusiness to take up technology” Managing Director of the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB), John Kofi Mensah said.

CEO of Agripower Ghana Limited, Samuel Seidu, noted that with the new technologically advancement mode of crop spraying they have introduced, farmers stand to benefit immensely from direct support from agricpower once they decide to employee the drone technology on their farms.

We have introduced the Agriculture Drone system of farming. Any farmer who uses our products will be assisted with the use of Drone crop spraying technology free of charge” Samuel Seidu stated.

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