Anas hacks into database of banks for information – Ken Agyapong alleges

Anas Aremeyaw Anas and Kennedy Ohene Agyapong As the onslaught on Anas Aremeyaw Anas continues unabated, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has made another stunning disclosure about his modus operandi.

Speaking on his television station, Net 2TV Wednesday, the NPP lawmaker alleged that he has evidence that suggest Anas has device a way of gaining unauthorized access to the data base of some financial institutions both locally and abroad to obtain information about their clients.

Armed with the information, Ken Agyapong alleged that Anas then proceed to defraud the unsuspecting clients, as many of them appear on his so-called hit list.

He said some of the banks Anas has illegally obtained information from include, “SG SSB, Trust Bank, Barclays Bank, UBA, Ghana International Bank, Cal Bank, UT Bank, Ecobank, UniBank, City Bank, Standard Chartered, Zenith Bank Ghana, Merchant Bank, Standard Bank.”

Mr Agyapong revealed that a cousin of his wife happens to be a victim and until he exposes the real personality behind Anas’s veil, he will not stop exposing his selfish conduct.

“He picked information of people who are investing into the future of their kids. This guy is a criminal and his sole aim is to destroy genuine people in the country,” he alleged.

He mentioned legal practitioner and staunch member of the NPP, Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko as one of Anas’s victims.

“One of the victims (Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko) called me and when we met, he looked through the list and told me that the details the investment for the future wellbeing of my kids which is US$1,000 per month which is being deducted every month by the bank. He targeted the person as far back as October 2013.”

He reiterated that another person claims he has both dollar and cedi accounts with a standing order from his banks unto it so monies go straight from his main accounts to these investment accounts, all for the future of his kids.

“What makes them criminal for Anas to go all out in destroying such notable people in society. What is their crime?” he quizzed.

He then advised that the banks change their software just to prevent cyber criminals to penetrate it.

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