Cuban production of sugarcane derivatives

By Roberto Salomon Havana, Aug 28 (Prensa Latina) Cuban production of sugarcane derivatives has a major impact on the country’s economy, with a presence in almost all industries, sector National Director Carlos Gonzalez stated Wednesday.

Except for two or three exported items, the majority of these products are consumed in the domestic market and contribute to society, the director of Derivatives of the Azcuba sugar enterprise group reiterated in an interview with Prensa Latina.

Gonzalez offered as an example the production of no less than five types of alcohol, used by various sectors such as Industry, Food, Education, Public Health, Tourism, Construction, Azcuba and others.

With derivatives of sugar processing, alcohol, rums such as the emblematic Havana Club, Mulata and Vigia, medicines, cosmetics and a wide range of other products are made.

Of Azcuba’s 12 distilleries, 11 have plants to recover saccharomyces, and four to obtain carbonic acid gas, used, for example, in animal feed and soft drink production, respectively.

According to the Azcuba director, sugarcane bagasse board manufacturing has been established, with productive chains linked to communal services, construction and the furniture industry. The Group has three such facilities.

Meanwhile, the glucose manufactured by Azcuba in several mills is used to produce sorbitol, which in turn is linked to toothpaste and cosmetics.


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