Farmers Will Have Guaranteed Prices For Their Produce Under My Presidency – Kofi Akpaloo

Farmers Will Have Guaranteed Prices For Their Produce Under My Presidency - Kofi Akpaloo

LPG Flagbearer, Mr. Percival Kofi Akpaloo As the country draws closer to the December 7 Parliamentary and Presidential Elections, political parties and their aspirants are making various promises to the electorates with the hope of securing their votes.

Kofi Akpaloo, founder and flagbearer of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG) being one of the political parties in this year’s general elections has promised that his government will invest heavily in Agriculture to ensure that farmers engage in large scale mechanized farming.

Speaking in an interview with Akuafo TV’s ‘Hot Seat’ Show, Mr. Kofi Akpaloo was of the view that the right investments and policies of the LPG government will increase productivity and enhance economic growth of the country.

“My government will offer subsidies to farmers to ensure that prices of their produce will be guaranteed when in season or out of season. The general consumers will also not have to pay higher prices for the farm produce during off-seasons. Sufficient storage facilities and technologies shall be made available and accessible to all farmers,” he hinted.

Touching on the massive nationwide road construction projects that his government shall embark on, he stated that the farm produce will be easily transported to the market, adding that post harvest losses shall be mitigated; and homes and industries shall have a regular supply of food and raw materials at affordable prices.

Mr. Kofi Akpaloo believes that “the best way for our farmers and entire Ghana to benefit from Agriculture is to move away from the colonial structure of a’ raw material producing economy’ to a ‘manufacturing economy’ whereby value would be added to the raw materials for export”.

“I promise that two years under my leadership as the president of Ghana, I will establish the world’s largest cocoa processing industry in Ghana to create about two hundred thousand direct jobs. I shall ensure that not even a single cocoa bean shall be sent outside the country. The world’s largest chocolate factory will be situated in Ghana,” he added.

The Presidential Candidate for Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG) has also promised to see an end to the importation of rice and chicken during his tenure; revealing that local farmers shall be empowered to produce high-quality long grain rice to meet the national demand and also export some to other African countries.

“Instead of eating imported chicken which has spent several months overseas and on the sea before coming into […]

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