GCB now has its own mobile money platform called G-Money

GCB G-Money Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) has finally launched the electronic money platform we reported late last month. This new mobile money platform is called G-Money . The service is scheduled to go live in January next year.

Just like the mundane mobile money service we already have, the GCB G-Money will allow users to send and receive funds, pay for goods and services. Users will also be able to save and take loans from G-Money.

Also, G-Money is fully interoperable with all the current mobile money platforms. Thus, users can send and receive funds from any mobile money wallet or bank accounts.

The move by the bank is to help with the digital transformation agenda in Ghana. The Managing Director of the bank, Anselm Ray Sowah said: “ Our proposition seeks to deliver superior customers service through extensive branch network, well trained and motivated staff, complemented by a vast agent network of local entrepreneurs .”

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