Pepsodent donates to Osu Children’s Home to mark Oral Health Day

Pepsodent donates to Osu Children’s Home to mark Oral Health Day

Pepsodent, a Unilever Ghana brand has donated items to Osu Children’s home to commemorate World Oral Health day.

Every March 20 is marked as World Oral Health day.

Unilever’s Pepsodent brand’s #BrushWithMe campaign is therefore designed to remind parents of their responsibilities in taking care of the oral health of themselves and their children, and also encourage families to brush better together.

The #BrushWithMe global campaign is driven by the new research data which proves that children are seven times more likely to skip brushing if their parents do not brush twice daily.

Joel Boateng, Category Manager for Oral Health, Unilever Ghana, said his outfit chose to donate to the Osu Children Home because the #BrushWithMe campaign is not only directed to children with parents but to every child.

“We decided to donate to Osu Children’s Home because the campaign is not targeted at only those with biological parents but every child with an adult figure in their lives. We know children here are the most vulnerable and we do not want to leave them out”d.

He pointed out the goal of the campaign is not about driving sales but creating a cavity free world.

He further revealed that the Covid-19 pandemic has not affected their sales.

“Every smile matters. I believe if the campaign achieves its purpose, Ghanaians will stick with the brand. Covid-19 fortunately did not affect us. The pandemic came with a positive twist,” he said.

Janet Ahiaga, a social worker at the Osu Children’s Home expressed gratitude to Unilever for the donation.

According to her, this has relieved the home of some burden and will help the kids practice more personal hygiene.“We’re grateful. Donations like paste take some burden off the home and it will help kids practice more personal hygiene,” she said.Madam Ahiaga indicated that the home looks forward to more donations.

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