Unilever Ghana introduces new natural variant Pepsodent Herbal to meet growing consumer preference

Unilever Ghana introduces new natural variant Pepsodent Herbal to meet growing consumer preference

Pepsodent Herbal Triple Protection 140g Unilever’s oral care brand, Pepsodent has introduced a new natural variant Pepsodent Herbal Triple Protection 140g to meet the growing consumer preference for natural products.

The new Pepsodent Herbal is infused with green tea herbal extract to provide consumers strong teeth, gums and all-round cavity protection.

Pepsodent still remains the same trusted brand in Ghana’s oral care sector and the new Pepsodent Herbal with the natural herbal formula ushers in an exciting period for the brand as it continues its mission to help improve people’s oral health and habits.

Commenting on the new Pepsodent Herbal, Mame Serwah Saifah, Oral Care Brand Manager, Unilever Ghana said, “A leading oral care brand like Pepsodent has combined a unique blend of herbs to create a whole new brushing experience for consumers.

“The carefully selected natural extracts and herbs are uniquely formulated to release inner heat, repair and protect gum tissue and give an all-round cooling sensation when used”, he added.

Mame Serwah Saifah added “Massive demand for plant-based toothpastes or toothpastes which include ingredients from natural sources inspired us to manufacture Pepsodent Herbal.

Consumers will love the great brushing experience they get with Pepsodent Herbal. With a unique green tea flavor and distinctive mouth feel”.

Ms. Saifah noted that the surge in health-consciousness is a major trend which can impact the herbal toothpaste market positively, adding that the high benefits of using herbal toothpaste can drive the adoption of the product.

Pepsodent Herbal is endorsed by the Ghana Dental Association as a quality toothpaste that contains fluoride for great cavity protection and Sodium Monofluorophosphate as the active ingredient for strong teeth and gums.

Dr. Paapa Puplampu, President, Ghana Dental Association, explains: “Ultimately, we have endorsed the new Pepsodent Herbal and we will partner with Unilever to ensure oral hygiene is properly practiced among Ghanaians. This new product is here to serve us all, but most importantly let us cultivate the habit of brushing twice daily.”

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